The world’s first antimicrobial ball-pit ball is here

Our GermBLOCK ball-pit balls incorporate state-of-the-art bio-static technology that tests successfully against over 50 common harmful germs, as well as mold, mildew, algae and fungi. GermBLOCK’s protection never diminishes or wears out. It’s protection that lasts for the life of the ball.

GermBLOCK ball-pit balls offer you the best value of any ball-pit ball available.  Like our FUNBALL BRAND, GermBLOCK balls are high quality, tough and built to last—they are resistant to cracking and fading. No other ball-pit ball manufacturer offers the range of colors we do. And now GermBLOCK, exclusively available through 21st Century Products, Inc., gives you the added dimension of antimicrobial protection.

The value does not stop there, however. GermBLOCK balls come with no increase in price. GermBLOCK balls will carry the same low-minimum order level and pricing as our FUNBALL brand

GermBLOCK available colors

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